Saturday, October 15, 2016

Painter Ronnie Landfield in his NYC Studio 2012

It wasn't too long after I got to film Ronnie Landfield and his wife Jenny in his Tribeca studio moving paintings around, that the storm of the century for NYC hit and ended his time there. I'm glad I got to spend some wonderful time there, either filming, or just hanging out. Ronnie is always a great person to talk with. We have lots of differences in the way we see art, but that's what makes the conversations all that much richer. I've been looking forward to visiting his new studio for years now and who knows when i'll be able to get up there to film.

If you know someone who likes to sponsor art projects, especially of the documentation sort, please get them in touch as it takes more than I've got to make these films for you. History needs films like this.

Thanks for watching!
Jeffrey Collins

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