Thursday, November 29, 2012

Louise P. Sloane talking about painting.

Here is the clip of Louise P. Sloane from our filming on what I think was the 9th of November. We had a wonderful time talking about painting and especially her paintings. This is the first clip from my recent November NYC trip, of 5 interviews. More to come. Keep in touch and you'll find out when the next clip is available for you to enjoy online. The film is coming along quite well. But all help is greatly appreciated.

Jeffrey Collins

Saturday, November 17, 2012

More interviews in NYC.

My time in NYC is almost up. Got just a couple days to go before heading back to Columbus via Syracuse. Going to do some more filming with Darryl Hughto and Susan Roth.

So far I have had the pleasure of meeting many more people from this journey. And even got a few more interviews done. One more to go tomorrow, which will be the writer James Panero from the Wall Street Journal and The New Criterion. 

This trip I got to meet and film...

Forrest "Frosty" Myers in his Brooklyn Studio.

Louise P. Sloane in her Great Neck Studio.Dennis Hollingsworth in his Brooklyn Studio.Matthew Deleget in the offices of Minus Space in Brooklyn.
James Panero in Storefront Bushwick, BrooklynThanks to all that have helped me get to this point. Your contributions are going to some very informative and thought provoking art documentary filmmaking. This archive and film is going to be available for many many people over the decades to come, and you are helping make it possible with your donations.Cheers.Jeffrey CollinsDirector.