Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Peter Reginato Drawing Available

In running this ETSY shop. One of the items that I have been coveting, is a drawing by Artist Peter Reginato. It was originally given to me to help raise funds for the film company, and will be exactly what I will do with the proceeds from it's sale.

Please come and visit our ETSY shop and enjoy all the wonderful DVD's, Prints and Artworks we have available to help us to make more videos of more of your favorite artists.

Thanks for all your support in getting all this history documented. It's people who truly support the documentation of the arts that get things like this continuing.

Jeffrey Collins

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ETSY shop is LIVE!

Duochrome Films finally has a specific place where you can purchase and support this important historical film company.

I've been trying to gather support for the films and their long time storage, and am now happy to say we've got a dedicated place to help support us. Etsy has been around for years now and has become the go to place for crafters and small business' of all kinds.

We will be adding more and more videos as they become available. Making sure that each DVD is up to the highest standards for raw interviews. The audio and video quality are of utmost importance to us, as without them, the content is marred. And we don't want you the viewer to experience that. Each DVD we bring to you is stripped down to the basics. No special titles or extraneous stuff. What you will experience in our DVD's for home use is to see and hear the artist as it was meant to be experienced. No editing, these DVD's are scene by scene. In all their rawness for you to enjoy.

We are also adding prints from each interview as they become available, and soon even to be selling some of the art from the interviewed artists. Come and see for yourself.

Thanks for your time.
Jeffrey Collins
Director of Duochrome Films