Friday, August 28, 2015

Art Guerra talks Paintings Pigments, and Particles in Bushwick.

In April 2013 I got to film Art Guerra in his Bushwick Studio. I don't think you've ever seen an artists studio so crammed with paintings. Enjoy!

Filmed with a Canon 5D2 and a Zoom H4n for audio.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

John Zinsser on Pat Hearn, Peter Schuyff and Philip Taaffe in this Interview Video

Here's another of the recent clips from my interview with John ZinsserKenny Schachter on Facebook reminded those who follow him online that July 2015 marks the 15th anniversary of Gallerists Pat Hearn's passing.

As I was thinking about what he was saying. I remembered that Zinsser had spoken about her in his most recent of interviews. What you see below is that interview. He also spoke of Peter Schuyff and Philip Taaffe, two painters he really admires. Dig in and enjoy!

Thanks for watching.

Jeffrey Collins

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Loren Munk AKA James Kalm Talking about how history has helped him.

August 2013 I sat down with the Painter/Historian Loren Munk AKA James Kalm (The Guy on the Bike) in his Brooklyn Studio to talk about his work as a painter along with his work as a historian. In this interview he speaks of a paper he wrote and what happened after the paper was published. It's quite the amazing story. Dig in.

For a link on the article Loren speaks of in this interview, here you go...

Thanks Loren and Thanks Kate!

Jeffrey Collins

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Michael Brennan Talks about painting while priming a canvas in Brooklyn,...

I don't share very many clips from Michael Brennan on here. I don't know why that is, being that I have had many many wonderful conversations about painting with him. He is a wealth of information about painting and paintings history, more in tuned with the contemporary history of painting, which is the type I am more interested in. I decided to share this section from our second interview as I felt it was germane to the situation here. Plus you get to see something you don't see very often with painters. How they prime their own canvases. This seemingly banal subject is one many of us take seriously and with pride.

Thanks Michael for allowing me to film your world of painting. Looking forward to the next session.

Susan Roth Interview about her history and how she has dealt with change in her work.

If you are visiting here, you already know who Susan Roth is. So I'll just let this interview clip from our second session speak for itself.

Thanks Susan, Thanks Darryl, and Thanks to ALL of you that have helped me in any way to get to where these films are today. You are truly appreciated.

Jeffrey Collins

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Time to get LIVE again...for now.

It's been a while since I added a post to this account. For the 5 of you that regularly frequent this page, I know I sent you over to the page, but now i'm back to here.

Here's a few sweet videos I made while away.

John Zinsser on his File Studies

John Zinsser on David Diao

Hope you enjoy them. Please share them with your art friends. Lots of wonderful stories that need to stay around.

Jeffrey Collins
Duochrome Films

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A edition printing.

Almost immediately after the screening of the Preface of the film in Kingston NY in August. I was thinking of how I can get it to more people. Granted, I always take care of those in the film first. So I began printing up dvd's to send to all the participants, so they can have them for their archives. I also began thinking of how I could get it to the public in a more economical way than just dvd's. I have been speaking with my friend and web maestro Michael Lukacsko about the possibility of doing pay per view VOD from our new website.

Granted the VOD section is not quite ready yet, but we are hoping the new website will be ready within the week, along with the Preface in a VOD section of it's own. Soon to have even more VOD sections from select participants. There is well over 200 hours of footage and I don't want to deprive anyone of being able to view much of the footage before it hits the screen.

As for now, know that I am my web-maestro are steadily working on helping you to have the most amazing viewing experience into the lives and work of what I feel are some of the most important artists of this day and age.