Friday, October 28, 2016

Liv Mette Larsen in her Bushwick Studio January 2014

Liv Mette Larsen is a painter that I met through my friendships with a number of previous interview participants who became friends. The minute I saw her work in her studio I was enamoured. It took me a while longer before I asked her if I could interview her. We met up in January 2014 when I was house-sitting for a couple friends. I spent a few hours with Liv, talking about every aspect of her work. From her use of Egg Tempera as a paint medium to how she gets her ideas from right outside her windows. She uses what she has around her in such a unique way that with every painting, I wanted to look outside and see if I could tell where she gets this or that shape from. It's such an involved way of painting that it makes you pay more attention to the world around you and not in an obvious way like Rauschenberg, but a much more subtle way that works on your mind after you see it in person.

Enjoy the clip I have prepared for you.

Thanks Liv!!!

Jeffrey Collins

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