Sunday, October 16, 2016

Klaus Kertess on Matthew Barney

In case you live under an art rock. You have heard about the passing of one of the legends Klaus Kertess. The gentleman who began the Bykert Gallery which gave rise to artists like Ralph Humphrey, Brice Marden and David Novros. Klaus passed away little over a week ago now, and I've been doing some serious thinking about the interview that we did back in 2012. So many questions are still unanswered and will remain that way. I heard from a friend that he wasn't quite all there in his last few months, really wished he had been one of the healthy up to the end ones. Feeling for his partner of over 40 years, Billy Sullivan and what he's been going through.

In 2012 I got to sit down with Klaus for the first and last time. It was quite an experience to hear his stories, many you won't hear from anywhere else. Most of the people who wrote about him were only really interested in his time as a gallerist in the 60's. But he was OH SO MUCH more than that. And he really shared that with me.

One of the interview subjects we spoke about was his working on an exhibition of Matthew Barney at the Morgan Library in NYC. He was in the midst of planning it as we were talking. He felt free to share what I am going to share with you now. No need to talk more about the clip, since Klaus does all the talking in it. Enjoy. 

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