Sunday, August 12, 2012

A taste of what is to come....from the past.

For some that are wondering what might this film of mine be like when it is finished. Picture a less compressed version of this film. And by less compressed, I mean focused more on a certain group of artists, and not trying to gather film on every well known artist of the times. I also do not have Orson Welles doing lots of the talking....or any. ;-)

My film I am working on will allow a window into the world of many great painters and sculptors I have been given access to get to know over the past year, and many more to come. Giving you a seat beside me, as I spend time speaking to and learning from the great modernist painters and sculptors of our time, whom are based around the east coast. I am already planning my next film which will in turn focus more on the west coast of America. With a trilogy coming to a close in Europe. As you can tell, this is one major project I have set myself up for. And it's a task that I am more than ready to continue.

Thanks for your time. Jeffrey

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