Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another trip to New York City.

Spent another week (extended this time) in New York City. Thanks to the wonderful Peter Reginato, and Joseph Marioni for putting me up during my trip. You guys rock. Went to Painter Ronnie Landfield's again and this time got to film he and his wife Jenny moving paintings around. Ronnie even let me film him making a wonderful painting, which he had finished and stretched and framed by the time I saw him again about 6 days later. Can't wait to get a pic of it so I can show it off. I went on Saturday the 21st to Rodney Dickson's Brooklyn studio to interview him for the film. This was the first time I have had an artists take so much interest in how the interview was done. He even came up with his own questions, and later after we had finished, was telling me about even more we could do for the next time. I really can't wait for the next time now. I got to try a new to me technique of recording audio for Rodney's interview. Not sure right now if it came out as well as I had hoped, but thankfully I kept the audio from my recorder too, so if there is a problem I can always go back to the 24bit 96Khz recordings from the interview and work with those. I like quality. But there is just something about raw looking video that peaks my interest.

If you don't know about Rodney's work. I highly suggest you check it out. He just had a show in NYC at the Gasser and Grunert gallery on W. 19th St across from Zwirner. 

So much more to come.

Thanks to Peter Reginato, Joseph Marioni, Dee Solin, Rodney Dickson, James Panero, Ronnie Landfield and Jenny Landfield, David Reed, and Mrs. sympathies for your loss.

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