Monday, August 27, 2012

Referrals for the documentary.

Here's one to help yourself while helping others to learn about my upcoming documentary film.

If you are able to bring in contributions from others. I will gladly give you extras from the film. Be it extra DVD's of the finished film, or DVD/Blu-Ray discs filled with raw interviews. If you are able to bring in $1000 in contributions, I'll give you EVERYTHING I have filmed on DVD's or Blu-Ray discs...your choice. That's a LOT of footage to dig into. 4 hours of just Ronnie Landfield...think about that. WOW!

Just guide your friends here, tell them to click on the donate button to the right. And make sure you tell them to put YOUR name in the additional info box, so I know it's coming from you.

I will also give you a producers credit if you can raise $500 or more in donations. AND that producers credit WILL put your name on which is the Internet Movie Data Base, and is where you can learn about the people behind the films. Wouldn't that be cool? ;-)


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