Saturday, August 27, 2016

Broader Directions and Christian Life Cultivation

Over the past few years, I have been working on finding new things to film. Thankfully a friend of mine had a desire for making a video of his new exercise program for Seniors at a Salvation Army Post in the town of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. We made the idea up and how we would go about filming it. I finally got to use my lavalier mic on him, as trying to film outside and using a field recorder to listen to one voice in an outdoor venue would be quite difficult. Our friend let us use his backyard to do the filming, as he has this wonderful natural rock retaining wall that we wanted to use as our backdrop.

Michael has been doing this form of Chi-Gung aka Qigong for years, and recently converted a lot of the teachings to go with the Bible instead of the traditional methods, working with a new set of moves to help mature people keep their flexibility and also marry that with teachings from the Bible.

We shot the video in one day. I used two camera angles to film him from, so you really get to see how the movements are made.

Shot on my Canon 5D2 with a Zoom H4n and Lavalier Mic for sound. Edited on an Apple Computer using Final Cut X.

I appreciate what we accomplished and look forward to making more videos for people, maybe even businesses soon too.

Thank you!
Jeffrey Collins

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