Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Day with John and Rodney

On a lovely Saturday in August. During my recent NYC trip, I got to spend a part of the day with two of my favorite painters and film participants, John Zinsser and Rodney Dickson. We began the day with John coming to Rodney's to pick me up so we could go talk about a few projects I am working on. We invited John into Rodney's and ensued a wonderful conversation about painting and nyc gallery history. John, being the historian he is, never seems to be without his camera.

Once we left Rodney's, John and I went to his studio with Rodney in tow on one of his motorcycles. Yet another wonderful conversation about painting ensued there. Here's some pics covering that wonderful day. Pics at Rodney's by Zinsser, pics at Zinsser's studio by myself.


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