Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back from NYC and back to converting.

Greetings all.

Just wanted to let you know I am right on the ball. Got back from NYC two weeks ago, and have been converting all the video footage I got from this trip. I would like to know just how much footage I got, but I don't wanna have to add up all those clips.

I'm up to the last few videos that needed to be converted into Apple ProRes 422 for editing. It makes a 4 gig file about 20 gig's in space. Really takes up a lot of space, but it also makes for easier editing in Final Cut. But I'm going to take this time and spend it learning how to use Adobe Premier Pro as that is what seems to be the program the editing houses are using right now, and I'm trying to plan for the future and use this to help me get a job when I move to NYC in the next few months.

I made a few learning experiences when I was filming in NY this time. I got myself a GoPro Hero3 before leaving for NY and didn't really spend much time learning about it and it's quirks. Like it's not super great for indoor filming. It uses a really high ISO that makes for lots of noise on indoor video, and don't use the 60Fps, even if it makes things smoother. It's a bear for editing on a computer that was never made for 60fps video. Fortunately about half way through my trip I gave up on the 60 and went back down to 30fps. But Oh Man is that camera good for being able to get into tight quarters. I did some amazing video of Peter Reginato's sculptures and they'll be even better when I get the macro lens adapter for the camera in the future. The macro lens adapter will give me greater clarity when it comes to filming up close in case you didn't already know.

You can see a screen capture from all my conversions from today. Been quite busy with this computer.


In the next few days i'll be updating this page again with a few photos that were taken during my trip by wonderful people like Peter Reginato. Thanks to all that gave of themselves to help me get more of this film completed.

Jeffrey Collins

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