Thursday, September 22, 2011

Slight changes...

Last night it came to me in a moment. 

"Untitled: Stories of Painting 1970-2012"

Once I had thought about it. It all fell into place. A series of stories built on conversations is exactly what I wanted to accomplish with this film. I also would like to comment that I was originally thinking of using a different sate but Carl Belz suggested I stay with 1970, as this film does kinda pick up where the Emile De Antonio film left off.

I'm also now working on not only getting some of the new breed, but also working on making the film more complete by bringing in painters, writers, curators that don't focus on monochrome and minimal painting. I'm looking into getting a number of painters, curators, and writers who are more into the expressionist (neo and post-mod) styles of painting. And how it all ends up finding it's way back to the same artists from history. I want to show how even vastly different painters can have all the same hero's as they came up and how, even though they each have their own style. There's still the mark of history that binds them all together.

Looking forward to the future. Cheers. 

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