Thursday, November 29, 2012

Louise P. Sloane talking about painting.

Here is the clip of Louise P. Sloane from our filming on what I think was the 9th of November. We had a wonderful time talking about painting and especially her paintings. This is the first clip from my recent November NYC trip, of 5 interviews. More to come. Keep in touch and you'll find out when the next clip is available for you to enjoy online. The film is coming along quite well. But all help is greatly appreciated.

Jeffrey Collins


  1. back in Aug/Sept 2011 I had the opportunity to do an interview with Louise for my newsletter Artcore. Hert's the address
    She is a wonderful gracious woman not to mention an incredible artist

  2. Thanks Donald. Great piece. I've heard her tell me those things a number of times. I love her work. Everytime I get to spend time with her in her studio, I get more enamored with her paintings.