Monday, August 14, 2023

NYC Campaign

Hello Friends!

Today I'm making live the crowdfunding campaign to help me get to NYC and then back. As you know I've been visiting NYC many times in the last decade. So much so that I have measured the time and what I found out was technically I've lived in NYC for an entire year... just over 10+ years. LOL

I'm heading back there in September for Francine Tint's exhibition and to visit Anders Knutsson along with staying at Rodney Dickson's place again. I'm looking forward to the journey, even though it's a 9+ hour trip to and from, everytime I get to the area of Pennsylvania that I used to live around, I get a jolt of energy knowing that in less than 2 hours I'll be on the island. I am in need of Gas money along with Food and travel money and am asking for your glorious help. 

You can click below and put in your donation.

If you wish to go around the GFM page.

I am truly thankful for your help and guidance.

Have a blessed day!


Monday, June 12, 2023

Robert C Morgan Part 2

It's been a long time since I updated this page and I apologize to you wonderful brothers and sisters for my absence. I've seen the youtube page slowly growing and it's really surprising to me as I haven't been updating the channel in a long time. One of the only ways the channel grows is when I can get to the big city and visit the great galleries and visiting with great artists. Soon we'll see a new group of videos. Since the last NYC visit i've decided to grow in my abilities to make video critiques...although I will not call them that since I wish to talk about how I'm enjoying being in the presence of great art. Lately I have also realized I no longer truly need to be in the presence of the art in order to write about it. Thanks to all the other people out there filming openings/exhibitions. Using their videos and my knowledge of the work I shall comment on, I can simply slow the videos to my own personal speed and it makes it more like i'm viewing the work myself. Just knowing there's nothing like being there in person.

Here's part 2 of 3 videos right now on one of my favorite artists/art writers/curators. Since my first visit with him I've become privy to being able to visit with him more and getting to know him deeper than I could have solely on his writings. Come along and enjoy my talk with Robert. 

Friday, June 24, 2022

Robert C. Morgan: Part One

Enjoy this beginning clip of my uploading of each section of my interview with Painter/writer/Poet Robert C. Morgan.
I have decided to put up each clip I have from this wonderful interview. Seeing it again makes me wish to go back and do more as we had originally discussed.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022


   I finally looked at this page today. As I've been doing a LOT of video constructions lately. But I still haven't updated this page with all those wonderful entries. I've been doing videos on Ronnie Landfield, A short video I made in Joseph Marioni's studio many years back when I had been actively working on the video series. And a few videos on the Guy on the Bike... Loren Munk aka James Kalm. Including one I made the day of his opening at Freight and Volume Gallery in NYC on icy cold February evening.

More are definitely on the way.

   The next set of films I shall be editing are on the historian, critic, and curator. The legendary Karen Wilkin, in her NYC home. The story behind visiting her is a funny one. I had been in the process of doing my first run of interviews around NYC that week. I had made appointments with Painter Pat Steir and Karen on the same day. I figured it wouldn't be all that difficult since Karen lives close to Joseph Marioni and I could easily walk back to his place, where I had been staying during this trip. I didn't take into account how HEAVY my camera bags were at the time and how they would hurt by the end of that day from sitting on my shoulders. I definitely didn't think about getting a bag with rollers on it, nor did I have the funds to buy one at that time. SO I dug in and made the first trip to Pat's by way of the subway. Thankfully all I needed that day was the Blue line of the A, C, and E, trains. Just a short trip down to 25th street station and a bit of walking to the other side of Chelsea. I had never been in a building like the one her studio is in. Everything was big sized so each occupant could easily move things in and out. I got up to her floor and like just about everything of that trip, I immediately got lost. I saw a number that matched hers, and knocked. A fella answered and told me it was the room next door. He has a photo studio. Typical of photo studios, everything was white and clean as a whistle. Made me jealous. 

   I went next door and her assistant let me in and greeted me so nicely. Brought me into the studio of GIANT paintings of her "waterfalls", She has been developing her way of pouring paint down the surface of the canvas which gives way to veils of color and lots of movement. She had been working on paintings I think I may have seen later at her Gallery. My mind was truly blown taking in these statements of movement and energy. UNFORTUNATELY, her assistant told me the bad news that I wouldn't be able to interview her that day. The particulars shall stay between us. I did however speak to her and she told me what had happened. It was definitely a crazy day for her. 

   I couldn't stay long enough for us to meet and hang for a bit. I politely said good-bye and grabbed my bags and put them on my shoulders again and began the trip of getting out of that building. Once I had made it back to the street, I walked down to the end of the street and said FUCK IT, I'm gonna take a cab up to Karen's. After a few minutes of waiting, I made the decision to just struggle and get my butt to the subway station. Once back up to the 35th street station I made my way over to Karen's place, and was so happy to finally be visiting someone that had many major ties to many of my favorite painters. Once inside Karen's place, she was so happy to see me and we immediately began chatting like a couple people that had known each other for a year. I decided as I wanted to film everyone with the light in their homes, for her I had decided to do everything with my 1.4F stop lens which let's in so much light. I had actually been able to use it for about half of our interview before it got too dark. I now wish I had more of the ME that is today to talk with her as I'm so much better at just chatting with people these days. I think my questions were pretty decent and they led to more talking between us.

   You can see the few that are up there now, and wait till I've got a new video uploaded. Should be in the next couple days. For now, click the link and come and enjoy these great interviews.

Have a great day!

Jeffrey Collins



Monday, February 5, 2018

Week two: Darryl Hughto

As week two begins. I look back on all the interviews I've made in the last 6 years, and I'm very happy for what i've accomplished. I'm so Thankful for all of you who have helped make these dreams a reality.

Week two begins with a clip from Painter Darryl Hughto. Knowing when a work of art is finished is of paramount importance for just about any artist. Let's take a moment and listen to Darryl talk about it himself.

Equipment used:
Canon 5D2 and Zoom H4n for audio recording.
Editing and Direction by Jeffrey Collins

Friday, February 2, 2018

New structure for the new year. New films coming more often.

Beginning the new year with new goals for my films. I have been wanting to put more clips out in the public to share what I believe are great interviews with great stories. I have decided that for the year, I will release two new videos per week as I go through the varied interviewees and their stories. I'm beginning with two clips from Ronnie Landfield. You always get great stories from Ronnie and these are a great introduction to that.

As always, please feel free to share these around, as all your help is greatly appreciated. Don't forget to subscribe to the youtube page which will allow you to know immediately when new films are available.

Jeffrey Collins

Shot with a Canon 5D2 with a Zoom H4n for recording audio. I love the way the H4n records, it really gives you more of a sense of how the sounds in his studio are.